The three part webinar series. A complete guide to managing metrc and required record keeping for cannabis cultivators.

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California Cultivation: METRC Overview
Everything a cultivator needs to know about implementing metrc and managing metrc compliantly.
BriAnne Ramsay
California Cultivation: METRC Record Keeping Requirements
A webinar presented in partnership with Flow Kana breaking down METRC record retention requirements, maintaining harvest records, and physical tagging of plants
BriAnne Ramsay
RMCC's personal best practices for harvesting cannabis in METRC.
BriAnne Ramsay

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The first, second, and third webinar of a multi-series in partnership with Flow Kana to assist in Track and Trace education for California farmers.

By the end of the METRC overview: California Cultivation Training you will be able to:

  1. Implement METRC compliantly and smoothly no matter what phase of plant growth (clone, veg, flower, harvest)
  2. Understand how to partial harvest your plants
  3. Better understand METRC functionality and how to use which features
  4. How to audit Harvest Batches to ensure correct package tag management
  5. How to audit packages
  6. How to audit transfers
  7. How to compliantly generate manifests
  8. How to complete Annual <> Temporary transfers

By the end of METRC Record Keeping Requirements: California Cultivation one will know:

  1. The steps to implement METRC
  2. How to create immature and flowering plant UIDs
  3. How to physically tag plants in the garden
  4. Know the record retention requirements for METRC that are to be maintained for seven years
  5. How to harvest plants in METRC

Your Instructor

BriAnne Ramsay
BriAnne Ramsay
BriAnne Ramsay’s unique background in strategically planning the expansion of cannabis businesses, compliance, and seed-to-sale technology produce a fresh perspective for every type of operation (manufacturing, distribution, retail, and cultivation).
She’s known for taking on the most challenging cannabis compliance audits, large-scale point of sale migrations, and is highly-skilled in tech crisis support. Her career background teaching and supporting clients with cannabis operations, compliance, and inventory control needs is unique in the cannabis industry. After years of managing multiple facilities and departments at Lightshade Dispensary, BriAnne understands first-hand the challenges that cannabis operators face when managing a compliant business. Passionate about compliant cannabis, BriAnne started Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting as a way to support a sustainable cannabis community.

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