Free Your States Track and Trace System

In this quick free course you will learn where and how to get access to your state’s track and trace system, further resources on Franwell's METRC, Helix's BioTrack, Leaf Data System: MJFreeway, and our recommended next steps. You’ll get information about hands-on learning and RMCC provided resources - all for free.Leave comments to discuss with other students, and test your knowledge with quizzes. 

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Free Your States Track and Trace System

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Q) Is this official METRC, BioTrack, or MJFreeway Training?

A) No. RMCC provides guidance based on operational experience and is non-accredited.

Q) Where can I get custom training?

A) Schedule a consultation here.

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A) 1 year from the purchase date.

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A) Courses are completely self-paced. Complete the course in your own time one year from the date you purchase.

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A) Weekly and Monthly subscriptions deliver content over time. Purchase an annual subscription to gain immediate access.

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