California Returns, Recalls, and Waste Requirements 2018-19

An overview of California's Medical and Recreational Cannabis Regulations

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An online training breaking down the BCC, CDPH, and CDFA Final California Regulations released in early 2019. The course will discuss historical use cases to be aware of and how to prevent the compliance risk from occurring in your operation.

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Are you currently operating in California? Are you looking to enter the California market? Or are you looking to create a supply chain solution for the cannabis industry? This training is right for you! RMCC will discuss the following topics for the California's medical cannabis market.

1) A brief overview of the licensing structure within California and how the operations compare to other states.
2) Who regulates California Operators and Patient Registry?
3) What rules are unique to California compared to other states?
4) How are taxes applied and what are the rates?
5) What records need to be retained and for how long?
6) What are the METRC requirements and how does this apply to the operation?
7) What are the requirements to waste medicated product, consumer returns, and vendor returns?
8) Who conducts the testing? What needs to be tested and how frequently?
9) What are the Packaging & Labeling requirements?
10) What are unique operations pertaining to the retail operations including patient and consumer purchase limits?
11) How can other operators conduct business together? (B2B)

This training is based on the Final Regulations released in early 2019.

Your Instructor

BriAnne Ramsay
BriAnne Ramsay
BriAnne Ramsay’s unique background in strategically planning the expansion of cannabis businesses, compliance, and seed-to-sale technology produce a fresh perspective for every type of operation (manufacturing, distribution, retail, and cultivation).
She’s known for taking on the most challenging cannabis compliance audits, large-scale point of sale migrations, and is highly-skilled in tech crisis support. Her career background teaching and supporting clients with cannabis operations, compliance, and inventory control needs is unique in the cannabis industry. After years of managing multiple facilities and departments at Lightshade Dispensary, BriAnne understands first-hand the challenges that cannabis operators face when managing a compliant business. Passionate about compliant cannabis, BriAnne started Rocky Mountain Cannabis Consulting as a way to support a sustainable cannabis community.

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