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How to apply & enroll in this program

You'll get a one on one coaching session, scheduled at your convenience and receive a tour of the program, and a chance share resources with others seeking RMCC Certification.

One 1 hour coaching session with RMCC Chief Learning Officer:


Study Materials Flexible Payments:
  • $127 over 12 months ($1524 annually)
  • $297 over 4 quarters ($1188 annually)
  • Save $500 with One Time Payment! $997 
Exam Fees:
  • $350 one exam (per exam window)
  • $100 one re-test (next available window only)
  •  $297.00 Re-Certification (current RMCC credential holders only. Optional, consecutive years only) You will discuss Re-Certification details during the application process. 
Have a group to train? Email [email protected] to get a quote.

This episode of TBD with RMCC

details our CLO's journey from the banking realm to the cannabis industry! She brings a wealth of training and corporate knowledge with her and she is ready to help you with all of your learning needs.


first complete this form!

Please fill out the form below to apply the RMCC TRACK & TRACE ADMINISTRATION CERTIFICATE PROGRAM

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Is this official METRC, BioTrack, or MJFreeway Training?

A) No. RMCC provides guidance based on operational experience and is non-accredited.

Q) Does this program meet required vendor training requirements?

A) The RMCC Certification Program exceeds most state requirements. Download details here.

Q) Do I need to complete the entire curriculum to receive my certification?

A) Yes. Completing all required coursework, including instructor-led, and coaching will provide RMCC with the knowledge we need to ensure you earn your certification; not just a "certificate of completion".

Q) I'm taking One Track (i.e. Manufacturing). Why am I receiving information on Cultivation (Distribution, testing, Retail Operations)?

A) Some courses (Foundations, Micro-Doses, One-Hitters, Rise & Grind) include all operation types. It is important for students to understand the state laws and compliance in the entire supply chain in order to be most effective in their current roles. Each Track includes a specific "Complete Guide" Module for that track.

Q) How long do I have access to program materials?
A) One year from the purchase date.

Q) When does the course start and finish?

A) The course is largely self-paced. Instructor-led and coaching sessions are scheduled by students with their accessibility in mind. Session times are flexible to accommodate time zones, and student work/study availability.

Q) What if I don't finish the course in one year?

A) You must purchase the course for another year and your progress will be reset. Regulations and best practices change regularly. The certification is only valid from one year issuance.

Q) I failed a quiz and cannot continue. How do I proceed?
A) Quiz attempts are reset after 24-48 hours. You will receive an email notification IF you have not opted out of teachable marketing emails.

Q) I am not receiving notifications or free resources from the course I purchased.
A) If you have opted out of Teachable Marketing Emails RMCC is unable to force your notifications through. 

IMPORTANT: Students who opt-out of emails (i.e. leaves the I agree to receive instructional and promotional emails checkbox unchecked) will not receive any emails sent to them through Teachable. In order to receive course subscription notifications including new subscription content available in your course, comments, quiz resets, assessments, and evaluations you must NOT be opted out of Teachable Marketing Emails. 
Please update your teachable profile to opt-in if needed.

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